Molecular Beam Epitaxy Cluster

Notre Dame Physics MBE

The Notre Dame Physics MBE cluster is a state-of-the-art two chamber system that couples a III-V and a chalcogenide chamber. A variety of quantum materials are grown in this cluster. A list of what we have synthesize over the past 2 years in shown below

III-V thin films and heterostructures

  • GaMnAsP
  • (In,Mn)As/GaSb
  •  GaMnAs Quantum wells

IV-VI topological crystalline insulators

  • PbSnSe-PbEuSe superlattices
  • PbSnSe and PbSnTe epilayers
  •  PbSnSe Quantum wells

V-VI topological insulators

  • (Sb,Bi)2Te3 and Bi2Se3
  •  Mn(Bi,Sb)2Te4


  • IV-VI on III-V
  •  V-VI on III-V
  •  II-V on III-V